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The Fog of War

"He can’t keep me here, she thought. He can take my job, but he can’t keep me here. I’ll find a way to London if it’s the last thing I do."

Martha Gellhorn was one of the world’s greatest war correspondents, reporting on conflicts including the Spanish Civil War, World War Two, the Vietnam War, and others. When Ernest Hemingway – Gellhorn’s estranged husband and the most famous writer in the world – took her accreditation to report on D-Day, Martha took matters into her own hands. 

Talking her way on to a hospital ship, Martha posed as a nurse on board, treating both Allied and German soldiers and writing incredible reports straight from the scene of the battle. This is her story of triumph. 

Book #8 in the True Adventure series from Pushkin Press. 


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Illustration from The Fog of War by Amerigo Pinelli
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