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The Dust Bowl

"As soon as I climbed up onto Thimble’s saddle, all my troubles just melted away. Up there, under the huge, unbroken sky, I finally felt like I was free."

A young girl named Ginny and her family are dealing with the hardships of the Great Depression, and in order to survive, her dad decides they must sell their horse, and Ginny’s best friend, Thimble. But Ginny will do anything in order to find a way for them to stay together, and chooses to leave her family in Oklahoma and travel west to California. 

That decision sends Ginny on an incredible journey to keep her friend at her side, no matter what it takes. At its heart, The Dust Bowl is a story about resilience, courage, and how important it is to have even just a thimbleful of hope.

Book #1 in the American Horse Tales series from Penguin Workshop. 

Images from The Dust Bowl launch at Gentle Giants Horse Rescue in Mt. Airy, Maryland
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